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Teach at TheOnlineKids online platform and share your passion with 1000s of kids around the world at primary and secondary grade.

Why Teach on TheOnlineKids?

When you help others along their creative journey, it’s rewarding in more ways than one. By teaching atTheOnlineKids, you can grow be a part of a respectable Online Learning School, give back to students your invaluable knowledge, and earn money. TheOnlineKids instructors are creative experts eager to share their expertise. If you’re an experienced creative pro with tips, techniques and skills to demonstrate, we offer an extensive suite of responsive support to help you create classes that inspire.

From Our Instructors

Build Your Community

“Itʼs been so rewarding to be a part of this supportive community while strengthening my personal voice and freelance practice along the way.”

Jyoti Arora, Faculty – English

Inspire Creativity

“Thereʼs nothing better than seeing my passion for subject spark creativity in others.”

Rakesh Agarwal, Faculty – Mathematics



Who can teach on TheOnlineKids?

TheOnlineKids instructors are experienced teachers from reputed world schools, experts, and subject matter enthusiasts.

What’s included in TheOnlineKids class?

TheOnlineKids classes include a combination of live online lessons and several class assignments. All live classes are on an average 45-60 minutes in total duration in a day. The class assignmentsare short homeworks that helps students/kids put their new skills into action.

What should I teach?

TheOnlineKids classes are for creators, and fall into a variety of life skills topics that can help kids learn the techniques to think fast and think slow.  We are looking for programs that help our little ones to calculate faster and with more accuracy, write and tell stories that are interesting, engaging and grammatically correct, read comprehension and do rapid problem solving, learn a new language, learn a new art format, among many other. 

Do I need to promote my classes?

TheOnlineKids has a large marketing and sales team who can do for you. We will provide you with a relationship Manager to engage effectively.

Do you offer any resources for instructors?

The resources are solely provided by the instructors which we discuss and mutually agree with the instructor to help them build a great class. We’re also available for any questions at


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