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Enroll your child for a FREE Trial Class in Vedic Maths - online live tutor-led program and make her/him learn how to do maths faster and better

( "The session will help her/him do +, ×, ÷, -, %, fractions, decimals, multiplication tables, etc within 10-15 seconds, and improve speed and accuracy in Maths" )

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Vedic Maths

Vedic maths is the art of super fast calculation. Taught using the 16 Sutras and 16 sub sutras from the ancient vedic books, the program makes Mathematics easy, creative, fun, interactive and almost magical for students.
This program is a natural choice for students appearing in all competitive exams starting from from Grade 3 to Grade 12 and beyond to more professional exams.


Classes are designed to be a maths workshop. In each online class we solve questions via the vedic maths techniques covering the school curriculum. Questions discussed as same as what is given in books and competitive exams. Students are taught the techniques to solve each question correctly in less than 45 seconds.

Practice Questions

We solve 50 maths problems per week via class work and homework. Additional questions are provided in the form of online tests. This helps students to remember the concepts and prepare for the next level.


Mr. Nitesh Naveen
Nitesh Naveen is the lead Vedic Maths faculty at the Online Kids. He is a postgraduate from IIM Calcutta and an engineer. He has got best scores in CAT, GRE and GMAT with a rank in school and college level. He is a mathematician and loves the world of statistics, number pattern and applied maths. He lives in Melbourne, Australia and has taught over 5000 children world wide in Vedic maths.

"For over 5 years I have worked with thousands of children, helping them to like maths. I try to make mathematics easy and fun. My objective is to give my students tools to excel in all maths exams."

5000 Number Of Students
5 Years Of Teaching Experience
20 Countries From Where Students Attended
147 Number Of Students Who Achieved Rank 1 At School

1. Can I join all program in Vedic Maths?

Even though we have mentioned the suitability of the program age wise, each program has gems which can be learnt by kids and adults of all ages. The techniques used, and topics covered in each program is different. Most kids and adults who are enthusiastic about learning the Vedic Maths in entirety take all programs.

2. Is attendance mandatory?

100% Attendance is mandatory in all the lessons. Our programs are activity-based learning. Something like how your child would do if she/he joins for soccer lessons. Missing a class is something which should be avoided.

3. Do we get Certificate after completing the course?

There is an exam at the end of the course which will qualify your child in the Vedic Maths Hall of fame if he/she scores more than 80%. A certificate will be given.

4. What are the other courses you provide?

a.Creative English – Writing, Reading, Grammar and Vocabulary skills to give that rock-solid skill in English your child needs to excel in school, exams and competitions and unlock the hidden write or orator.
b.Other foreign and national languages like French, Hindi, Mandarin, Sanskrit, etc. which helps to expand horizons and opportunities.
c.Creative Arts like Calligraphy, 3D Drawing, Painting, Sketching Masterclass, Acting lessons etc. which makes your child an all-rounder and win hearts..

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